About Us


Powerful consumer/vendor bidding platform to transform the way the world shops

1. Who We Are

The WoWme idea was created in an instant when Dave Varabioff the founder and inventor was “WoWed” in a personal development course. This was in 2017 and has been stewing around in the back of his mind until now. During the Covid crisis it was the PERFECT time to implement and launch this revolutionary new way to shop that puts the consumer in the driver’s seat and gives vendors a platform to outshine the competition.

2. Why Choose WoWme (Consumers)

Now you shop by having vendors come to you!

  • The way you shop now is by browsing website after website looking for coupons, and discount codes and adding browser addons to help you find the best deals and then you clip coupons, read reviews and spend hours and hours online until 3:12 am to finally save $4.12 on a $35.00 item!
  • What if that ALL changed? What if you could just post on THIS website that you want an “Inkjet printer” and you had $50 to spend, or “Lounge type lawn chairs” and you had $100, or “55 inch HD Tv” and you had $350 to spend and then let the vendors FIND YOU and WoW you?! You can also post things like “I am in San Francisco and want to got for dinner and I have $80”
  • If you think about why this makes sense is that VENDORS WANT YOUR MONEY, let THEM earn it by WoWing you! Lets look at the Inkjet printer in the example above, you might get vendors bidding like this…”I can sell you an HP Deskjet and give you free shipping for your $50″ or “I have a Canon inkjet and will throw in your first refill cartridges” or “I will extend the warranty by 1 year on a Samsung inkjet” (let them WoW you and EARN your money)

3. Why Choose WoWme (Vendors)

As a vendor you can now STAND OUT

  • With WoWme, you can now TARGET the consumers who are looking for your products or services, rather than continuing to spend countless dollars on advertising that you HOPE works and most likely doesn’t to the extent you want it to.
  • You go TO THE CUSTOMER rather than hoping they COME TO YOU.
  • You can create more cash flow and gain new customers that you otherwise wouldn’t have found
  • No need to post your items for sale over and over and over on platforms that are saturated with competition, high sales fees and antiquated ways of doing business. Your customers will LOVE being WoWed by you.

4. How It Works

Find suitable participants for the projects

Consumer posts an item or service they want vendors to bid on. Then, the consumer chooses the most suitable vendor to WoW them by accepting a bid.

Enter details space

After a bid acceptance, both consumer & vendor opens a details space for further discussion regarding the transaction.


Consumer will review the details when the vendor is accepted. If the consumer is satisfied with the details and delivery, he or she clicks the “Complete” button and writes a review for the vendor.

5. Meet Our Team

Dave Varabioff – brainchild behind the idea blah blah blah…..